We have a range of website packages to match your business plans.

From small introductory packages to fully realised ecommerce websites and content management systems.

We aim to meet your needs as closely as possible. We can provide everything you need to build an outstanding web presence and to effectively promote your business.

In the Loop CMS 2.0

Edit the Website with no knowledge of coding required. Simply login to the admin page to add and delete text and images.

Changes appear instantly on the website once saved.

  • Each CMS website comes with unlimited Advanced Mailboxes as standard. Each mailbox is fully smartphone and tablet compatible, allowing full use of emails while on the go.
  • Upload your own images with our Scripted Gallery. The gallery can be customised to display images in a certain order, or by category.
  • The new Enquiry Form is fully customisable, and allows you to choose how many fields (name, address, phone number, query etc) a customer needs to fill in. Make the form as detailed or simple as required.
  • This CMS system is Responsive, meaning it adapts to the device it is being viewed on. Whether the website is accessed on a desktop PC, a tablet, or a phone, it will be scaled to fit with an appropriate layout.
  • Click to Call and Click to Email buttons can be placed on the website. Customers can be in contact with one touch of their phone screen, or one click of their mouse.
  • A page can be set up as a Blog Page, which can be easily edited and added to through our simple interface.
  • With Analytics, customers can see how many visits their website has had, with detailed statistics breaking down every visit into time spent, number of pages viewed, how they found the website, and so on.
  • Slider Banners come included in the price. These animated banners display on the full-size website (not on phones) and cycle between images and text, making the website more attractive to customers.
  • 4 Pages as standard, but additional pages can be purchased.
  • The website comes with a built-in Newsletter. Create mailing lists and email news, updates and offers to every customer with one button.
  • All features are Fully Customisable. While the package includes everything on this list, you choose which parts you need for your business. Don’t need a blog page? That’s fine, use that page for a gallery or a list of services instead.


WordPress is the bespoke option from In the Loop. This is the perfect package for the client who wishes to get the most from their web presence.

Wordpress is a leading website design choice, and will put you ahead of your competitors. With its fully customisable options and easy-to-use interface, you will have no difficulty keeping your website up to date with news, offers and other information.

This website package is ideal if you want to conduct much of your business online.


The Ecommerce Package is our most advanced package, and includes everything you might possibly need in a website.

It is a complete multimedia platform incorporating an online store, product search and payment options.

Our Ecommerce Package is vital if you plan on selling products online, and our eye catching designs draw in customers and allow them to discover the products you are providing. From there, the easy to use interface guides them through purchase and payment options.